Saturday, May 23, 2009

AKG Knitted Flowers

Although I'm not a member of the Atlanta Knitting Guild (yet?), I had heard about the large flowers they were designing and knitting for the Stitches South show and had been looking forward to seeing when I went to the Vendor Market. I was disappointed not to see any and learned they were in the banquet room. Since I was not taking any classes or attending the banquet, I missed them entirely.

The AKG members were understandably thrilled when the Stitches team asked to have them for display at other Stitches events and, I understand, rented a truck on the spot to transport them.

If you're interested, you can see several short video interviews of members relating their experience with the project and see glimpses of the banquet room all decorated (and hear some Southern accents in the bargain). Also see several photos in the Flickr set here.
[photo from AKG blog / hope that's OK]

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Sheri said...

Imagine the time put in to those? They're huge. Georgia will be on the map again. AKG will be known for the giant flowers in the knitting world. I wss sorry to have missed the Stitches too, but hopefully next year.