Friday, May 29, 2009

It's New Bag Friday!

If you've visited here much you know I LOVE bags*; any size, any shape, any material.

Sheri blames her recent case of startitis on seeing so many wonderful projects on Ravelry. It is great, isn't it?

That's where I found the pattern for my latest stringplay. Here's the start, the bottom, of The Girlfriend Market Bag [Ravelry link - or free pdf here]

I stumbled upon it and immediately wanted to give it a try. I've been eyeing other string market bags but the knit-in-the-round square bottom to this really grabbed me. You start out with 8 stitches and it gives you a chance to use Emily Ocker's circular cast on which is just plain magic. This is So Much Fun so far. And pretty fast, too. The net part is a two-round repeat which should be perfect for a laid-back weekend. We'll see anyway.

*Mary loves bags, too and she's found the PERFECT one for this summer.


Mary said...

That's one good-looking mesh bag!

Sheri said...

Gee, thanks, something else to start? LOL Today I'm trying really hard to stick with my KAL shawl but I'm just not "feeling the love." Maybe it's bag day though, cause I just printed out a crochet bag from Ravelry. Maybe I'll start it, just for a change.
Sheri in GA