Monday, May 25, 2009


Only 9 rounds away from the Finish Line on this one and I stalled out.

There is no give to the linen and it is a bit hard on the wrists for any extended time. That and some holiday distraction and I discovered I'm a stitch short. Bah.

The linen doesn't seem to be the problem either as much as the needles. Even though I'm using Addis here, the stitches really seem to cling to the needle and I find I'm constantly urging each one along.

At the same time I find myself unwilling to start another knitting project until I can get this one off and launched so I've turned to a threaded needle for a bit.

and in the meantime, I have serious sock envy.
[#51- pattern not even available in English - so it's hopeless]

How was your holiday?

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Mary said...

There's a reason why I refer to you as the "multi-talented Sonja!" Very pretty embroidery.
Maybe some wax paper rubbed on the needles will help the stitches glide better.