Thursday, August 11, 2011

VW Cozy

I may be knitting a lace cozy for a Volkswagen. It's beginning to feel like it!

Around and around I go and each time I stop to coax the bunched up stitches around the still-too-short cable*, I wonder if that ball of yarn is going to last to the end. I have about 4.5 more rounds and a bind off. I'm guessing NO. We shall see.

And speaking of guessing, wonder what this thing is going to look like? Wonder what size it will be? Wonder if it will ever be cool enough again to even consider wearing it? So much to wonder as I knit around and around.

I guess if it turns out to actually be a VW cozy, I can give it to The Whole Nine Yarns for their bug.

*I did finally order the longer cables today. What do you want to bet they arrive the day after I finish?


Mary said...

That's the adventure of knitting lace. Lurking deep inside that yarny blob is something stunning!

Mimi said...

And I'd probably just end up with a yarny blob of stitches!

minipurl said...

I seriously want that car :)