Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More of a Good Thing

The current (Jul/Aug) issue of "Piecework" had a nice, long article on Italian embroidered ribbons by Jeanine Robertson. The 2009 lace issue of "Piecework" had an article by Jeanine Robertson on Italian needlelace. In all my searching around the internet last evening, I was lucky enough to land on Jeanine's blog. Oh, my! Now that is a Bookmark for sure.

Later I remembered that I should have included a few additional links in my previous post.

Interweave Press/Piecework has two online goodies. Yes, Piecework has so many good things that they can't even fit them all into the magazine. Fortunately they do provide them on the internet. Her article on Classic Italian Embroidery is here and she has a project and directions for stitching a biscornu pincushion here.

This design has many elements in common with Lefkara lace, including the hemstitch, and would give a good introduction.


Mimi said...

Happy to enable any time!

Mimi said...

And that comment should have been attached to your previous post! :-)

Mimi said...

Just blame it on the heat.

minipurl said...

Ooh, pretty :)