Friday, August 26, 2011

No Cure

Sometimes I wonder what I'm a'gonna do
There ain't no cure for the
summertime blues
Eddie Cochran (1938-1960)

Evelyn and I have been getting along great. As long as we stay inside with the a/c (and sometimes a little fan to help keep the cool air stirring) we are happy as clams.

Fried Clams.

I am thoroughly enjoying this Classic Elite yarn, Vail. It may be too soft to really show the stitch pattern off to its best advantage, but I think it is going to be lovely to wear. Even though right now I cannot imagine wanting anything close around my neck, I live in hope that one day soon I might actually welcome such.

Last weekend I picked up a tube of beads as I think I'll add one at each point of the edging. It is fun to do and gives a nice bit of weight to the finished edge.


Paula said...

Beautiful knitting, as always!

Mimi said...

Did I tell you our hosts on PEI took us out for fried clams at their favorite roadside stand on Monday night? We ate at a table outside and nearly froze while we ate. Brrr... Hard to believe, isn't it? Could have used a scarf or something.

And then by late Wednesday night we were back in Atlanta, where the A/C in Jessica's apartment was broken. Whew!

Love your project.

Sheri said...

I'm agonna go to!