Monday, August 1, 2011

The beauty of the internet

subtitle: the double-edged sword

First of all, let me get the weather whine out of the way. It is August. It is HOT. It is even hotter than it has been which was certainly hot enough! Why, oh why, can't August have 28 days and February have 31??

Now, on to the Good Stuff.

Dianne, my Enabling buddy, sent me an e-mail this morning with a link to a wonderful Etsy video on Lefkara Lace, a 5.43 minute film about the exquisite embroidered lace of Lefkara, Cyprus.

Well I was at work when I read her e-mail. You can imagine how long my day was sitting there crunching numbers thinking about getting home and tracking down my magazines. I just knew I had articles on this technique and I could hardly wait to get home and reread them.

I like to think of myself as organized. Ha! Would you believe semi-organized? Most of my needlework magazines are filed by type, in two file cabinets. I was sure one of the articles was in an Australian publication. I pulled all those out and didn't find it. This is what is referred to in Stringplay Land as Par For The Course! A few minutes later with lots of magazines pulled out, I recalled that I had one more Australian magazine in a project bag and, sure enough, that was the one. If you are wondering, it is Australian Embroidery and Cross Stitch; Vol. 8, No. 2 and has a two-page article by Christine Bishop.

Thanks to the internet, and in the comments of this great post on Lefkara lace, I read that there was an article in a back issue of the short-lived Treasures in Needlework. The photo at top is that article, by Kit Schlich. If you have those magazines, it is in the Winter 1992 issue.

The internet saves me time many a time by allowing me to find a specific issue. Sometimes even being able to see the cover helps me find it faster. It also costs me lots of time because I spend so much of it searching around and reading and watching all that I find.

But as Kay and I are always saying, so far we haven't misplaced our computers!

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Sheri said...

You must be much more organized than I am. I can't find anything since the Bride and Groom to be have been here. He loves my little computer - so even that has been misplaced.
I just love reading your posts - I end up at all the websites you highlight, but really, I don't have room for any more hobby's!
Enjoy the weather - hurricane Emily might just miss us with her rain this weekend. Maybe!