Sunday, August 7, 2011

91; Feels like 100

Although the post title is the current temperature, sometimes I feel like it could be describing me as well. It is hard for me to summon up much energy in this heat. This summer, especially following on the heels of last summer, has been difficult.

Certainly it is making me second-guess my hobby.

In Wool.

Not exactly the smartest thing I do. Ostensibly I do it because it is relaxing. However, I can't really say that getting the stitches picked up and the edging going around on the stole has been RELAXING. This is neither the fault of the pattern or the yarn.

As is true of most of my angst, it is all due to my innate IMPATIENCE. The longest interchangeable cable I own is 32" and I can't wait for mail order to bring a longer one. Still I think I'll order one so I won't be in this pickle next time.

And while I'm at it, I should just order some yarn, too, right? Yeah, what I really need just now is more WOOL.


Mary said...

Yes, you need more wool. Winter is coming. Really, it is!

pamela w allen said...

you need to come on out to the cooool northern coast of california where the average temperature in august is a comfortable 65 °F...

Sheri said...

Imagine, an August temp of 65? Oh, heaven!!!!
Love the white lace - did I miss what it was? I'm in need of a new knit and can't decide. Probably cause my house has been so full of people! The wedding went on without a hitch! and just a short rain shower an hour before.

Mimi said...

Yesterday was 98 with heat index of 105 here. Can I come visit you where it was only 91?