Saturday, March 27, 2010

Slow Boat to Estonia

I thought the slow boats went to China, but I seem to be on a very SLOW boat to Estonia on this remake of the Lilac Leaf Shawl.

I can't fathom WHY it is taking me this long. But the good news is, now that I have brought it back out, I have only 2 more repeats of the center body to do before I head down the home stretch to the end, so, even at this snail pace, I should have it finished before too much longer.

It is a very nice pattern and strangely enough, as I knit it I have been pondering how much I'd like to knit it again but next time in a heavier weight yarn. (And maybe not red. )

I only have 12 more rows to go! Twelve rows that involve some nupps, but those are just fluffy speed bumps on the way to the finish line. Whooeee!


Mary said...

You know I like that shawl in that color!

minipurl said...

Oh, how absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
Nupps, as fluffy speed that's a good way of putting it :)