Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'd blog but.....

I'm too busy kicking myself.

I was knitting happily along - purling back that last row of pattern before the edging, when one of the voices in my head piped up,

"hey, isn't there a transition chart between the pattern and the edging?".

I should be grateful for the reminder, but it would have been nicer to have been reminded a little earlier!

Now I need to tink back a bit and work the transition rows instead.

This is no deal-breaker. This shawl has been so pleasant to knit. I really don't mind spending a little extra time with it.

While I was out today I picked up some beads. I'm thinking of incorporating beads on the very edge. Evelyn shows options for adding either one or three beads at each point.

I'm not sure about the beads. I have a bit MORE time to think it over!

Doesn't that top picture look bright? We actually had SUNSHINE here today.


Mary said...

Thank goodness for those voices! The shawl looks to be so lovely. Great color!

Sheri said...

Sometimes mistakes are good, especially if you're enjoying it so much! Very, very pretty colors. (even the BEADS! I thought you wrote buttons- which I mistook for M&M's.)