Monday, March 29, 2010


The red shawl knitting is finished. Can I get an Amen? I haven't grafted the edge on yet and I don't even want to contemplate blocking. I'm calling it good for right now.

I have a basic sock on the dpns for my travel project, but the season for wool socks is past for now (even though it continues to be a cool spring so far). If I finished them up right away I'd just have to scramble around for another travel project.

So with my feet propped up and a cup of hot coffee in my hand, I cast my eye to the bookshelf and ponder what to do next. Next! Next is always exciting isn't it? Next always holds the possibility for happiness and a fun adventure.

Stitches South is coming to Atlanta at the end of next month. I had a grand time last year and Kay has agreed to be my partner-in-crime again this year. So I don't want to start a long, involved project just in case I see something at the market that I'd want to jump right into as soon as I see it.

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YesterUkes said...


Contemplating Stitches South...but afraid of too many "nexts." I do get carried away sometimes.