Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shrinking Violet

Are the blue socks done yet? Why, no. Why do you ask?

It isn't that I've lost interest in them either, its just that I got the urge to knit something else and that I had an idea for this yarn that I've had for some time.

According the receipt, I bought this in May 2005. I cannot even recall the project I had in mind. Doesn't matter because I only realized when it arrived that the put-up was 25 gr. balls and, whatever the project was, I had half enough. I've not seen this color listed since. Victorian Violet. Love that name. Don't you?

When I recently decided that it might do for a narrow scarf - and for a November birthday for someone - I first tried a shifting rib pattern based on a larger design in The Book of Yarn. A simple enough pattern it would seem, but I couldn't seem to keep it straight - or wandering really as the case may be - and I flubbed the seed stitch, too.

So I found a Feather and Fan (sometimes called Old Shale) pattern online, started at the other end of the ball, and am eating my way through the botched first attempt. This one has no edge stitches but there is no curling. If you'd like an edge; add 4 stitches making the cast on 42 and knit the first three on each end on all rows. [note: this will require thinking and, frankly, I just wasn't up to it.]


minipurl said...

What yummy yarn! It reminds me of the color of the ocean on a cold day. That, in turn, takes my mind to warming up with a mug of hot chocolate....oh, it's always about food.
Have fun :)

Mary said...

Feather & Fan is perfect for a yarn named Victorian Violet!