Thursday, October 1, 2009

A threaded needle for a change

I've been wanting to start a large embroidery project for some time. The Schwalm kit that I started has not worked out for me. I don't like the way my stitching looks. Perhaps I can try again some other time, but it wasn't satisfying and I didn't enjoy working on it.

After seeing so many wonderful samplers at the Magnolia Guild exhibit, I decided I wanted to stitch a traditional sampler.

Finally after going through my many patterns and needlework magazines, I found exactly what I wanted to stitch; an English Band Sampler designed by Sandy Orton and characteristic of examples from 17th -century England. [pictured here] The pattern was published in the Summer 1992 issue of Treasures In Needlework, a specialty publication of Better Homes & Gardens that was very short-lived.

In 1992 I had a seven-year-old daughter and a much busier schedule so it is no wonder that this one was read, admired, but never stitched. This has lots of repeating patterns, stylized floral bands, whitework, and a lovely drawn thread band. Umm-umm, Good.

I'm not sure yet if I'll stick with this steadily. Right now I have a high interest level and want to work on this instead of lace knitting. Can you believe it?!

Some examples of English band samplers around the net can be found here, and here.

A lovely image here courtesy of the V&A.

A bit of history given here.


Jolene said...

I love samplers too! but the cutwork scares me just a little... the thought of cutting into a finished project. Have you seen any of Teresa Wentzler's Designs? She had a bunch of collection style cross stitch books, and a bunch of them had that cut work in them. I bought up all the books, but am too afraid to go there yet. I did a beautiful dragon design of hers "the Guardian" which hangs over our dining room table. addictive stuff!

minipurl said...

It's beautiful.