Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gone Platinum

I decided I really needed a finer needle, a size 28, to facilitate stitching the mosaic stitch in that floral band. Naturally I had no 28s, so last Saturday while I was out, I picked up a package. Two tiny platinum needles, very fine, $4.77. Amazing. But worth it. It has made all the difference in the world.

[kind of puts the cost of addi Turbos in perspective]

I knew I wanted John James needles when I left the house. John James needles have been manufactured in England since the 1800s and were even mentioned by Charles Dickens

"We have been to Redditch, that remarkable, to see needles made...
because our English needles of to-day are spreading all over the known world,
wherever exchange of commodities is going on. We are allowed to go over the Victoria Works,
the manufactory of Mr John James. That so many (needles) should go forth
into the world from one house is wonderful enough...
but the making ready for sale exhibits a miracle of dexterity."

Also a miracle of's a link to a picture of the Loara Standish sampler, 1653, the earliest known American-made sampler which also happens to be a band sampler. Loara Standish was the daughter of Miles Standish.

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Mary said...

You knew I'd get a literature lesson from a needle?! The piece is lovely.