Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lace In Translation

The Design Center at The University of Philadelphia has an exhibition "Lace In Translation" which is running through April 3, 2010.

[which, by the way, does 2010 sound like science fiction to anybody else??]

Contemporary artists were invited in to view, examine, and take inspiration from the Design Center's large Quaker Lace Company collection.

There is a 12-minute video (Blogger didn't let me embed) that is so interesting. Would love to get up there and see this in person.

The image gallery and background information is also fascinating. Visitors are invited to share their pieces as well and there are several intriging pieces already posted.

ETA: It would be hard for me to pick a favorite among the pieces made and displayed, however I was particularly taken with the oil tank. See more of Cal Lane's work here - and don't miss the dirt!


Mary said...

Yes, come on up to Philly! I'll meet you there.

minipurl said...

Me too! Wouldn't that be fun?