Thursday, March 5, 2009


Here's a confession. I used to be terrified of psso. I quickly scanned knitting directions and if I spotted a psso, I moved right along. Yep, a psso sounded like the hardest thing imaginable.
Of course now I just check to see if there is any seaming. That's the current immediate disqualifier.
The Lilac Leaf Shawl is speeding toward the finish line. I'm ready to put the bulk of it on a holder and start the other edging.
And look at that ball of yarn still left! I'm sure I'm going to have enough for a third RED shawl. I wonder if anyone has ever knitted all the patterns from a book in the same yarn??
And speaking of the leftover ball. Isn't it something how dimpled it is. It feels SO wonderfully soft. That Lacey Lamb. What a treat!

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Mary said...

A person can never have too much red in their lives!