Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Indoor Archeology

: the scientific study of material remains (relics, artifacts) of past human life and activities

The other day I told Kay that I was doing a bit of indoor archeology. I think it's an apt term for something that seems to occur around here on a fairly regular basis.

I need something that I know I have. Somewhere. Where? I think I know and so I start digging. It usually is not where I think it is and the dig continues. Intensifies. I go through layers of my past life; my past fascinations. I become frustrated but determined.

I dig down through the periods. The embroidery period. The lacemaking period. The brief crochet period (a dead civilization).

Usually the relic is discovered. And just like real archeology there is usually a good bit of DUST involved!

Today was successful. I found the sought-after supply. According to e-mail to Kay it took me an hour - an hour of good stringplay time. Grrrr.

One of the things I uncovered this time was the above piece of in-progress tatting. [there was a LOT of in-progress tatting!] I remember doing this; liking the silver of the buttons with the shiny black of the pearl cotton; thinking it might become a choker or bracelet [neither of which I would ever wear]. Where were the buttons purchased? Are more available? What's to be done with this scrap? I don't know. I probably didn't know then and that may be why it was abandoned, but it brought a smile when I found it.


Mary said...

Whatever it is--it looks like a treasure!

Sheri said...

Ah, but isn't it fun going threw all those memories of things past?

Your Christmas (or is it maybe Easter?) cactus looks wonderful!

Sheri in (SE)GA