Monday, March 23, 2009

Brooching the Subject

Don't blame me for that pun, I took it right off the
magazine ad for Piecework's brooch contest.

Deadline for receipt of entries is April 1. Here it is March 23 and I only just finished my entry! Yikes.

I really hadn't thought I would enter until the other day. Naturally it would have to be something Quick.

Stringplay to the rescue! This is a grape cluster and the twelve grapes are simple Hedebo rings.

Wrap your string (in this case #12 pearl cotton) ten times around a pencil or knitting needle and then work buttonhole stitches all the way around. When you have the twelve little rings made, attach them together in a grape cluster and put a little faux pearl in each one.

The tendril is a length of pearl cotton wrapped around a small dowel (or watercolor brush handle; must be resourceful!) and stiffened with white glue.

The leaf was a puzzle that I left until last. I found this one in the bead section.


Mary said...

Lovely! That sure doesn't look "simple" to me!

Sheri said...

You are the clever one! Wonderful!

Lelia said...

I just love it. I hope you win!!!! I confess having a wooden peg to make the rings -- just never got around to doing it!