Saturday, March 28, 2009

armchair traveler

Damp and chilly here today. The rain is most welcome.

The dampness may prolong the drying, but there is no hurry on this project because it's planned for a Christmas gift.

I got Miralda pinned out this morning and she measures about 62" across and 31" in depth all pinned out. Once unpinned she may relax to pretty close to the finished size stated in the pattern (59" x 30").

My lovely beach towel blocking surface obscures the center section pattern which was a rhythmic three-stitch cross that was fun to work.

Once the crawling around on my knees with those pesky blocking wires was over, I settled down with that wee aran baby sweater to watch PBS and was rewarded with a trip to Norway! Ah, the homeland (joking). What beautiful scenery!


Mary said...

You finished! Miralda is gorgeous!

Sheri said...

Really beautiful (said gorgeous but didn't want to steal Mary's word after reading her comment:o). I love it.
Was beginning to think something was amiss on the cul-d-sac when there were no posts for awhile. You were just busy getting that done, huh?

K Spoering said...

The shawl is lovely! I, too, love to occasionally knit lace - it just takes me to another place than more basic knitting does. I like the baby sweater pattern too. I'll have to search my magazine library to see if I have it, as I need to get another baby sweater underway, too!