Monday, March 30, 2009


Pattern: Miralda's Triangular Shawl
by Nancy Bush in "Knitted Lace of Estonia"

Yarn: KnitPicks Gloss - color Porcini
70% merino wool / 30% silk
220 yards/50 grams - about 3.5 hanks

Needles: Size 6 - KnitPicks Options 32" circular

In spite of having no model and having to be content with the photo above, I'm surprisingly pleased with how this project turned out.

If I could have been a little more patient (I could end every day with that sentence!), I would have ordered the exact yarn Nancy called for in the book. It would not have cost much more. Patience, while a virtue, is sadly not one of mine. I was not thrilled with the yarn when it arrived and not much at the start of the knitting either. After soaking and blocking I am quite satisfied with the drape and feel of the knitting and think it will work fine for this shawl.

This shawl was pure pleasure to knit and not once did I run into problems. There is a posted errata on the Interweave site, which made it smooth sailing.

This was my first time at this type of construction - start with the most number of stitches along the bottom of the 'V' and decrease at center and edges all the way up. Lace edge is knit first and progresses directly into the design. What you don't see in this photo is the garter stitches edge. As you knit (and knit and knit) and decrease you eventually finish off the center and are left with only the two sets of 8 stitches at the very back center of your neck and these are grafted together.

Don't you wonder who first figures out this magic? I do.


Mary said...

The details are amazing! Very beautiful.

Sheri said...

That'a really pretty. Now you should try Ene, she starts at the bottom too but it's fun to see it get smaller - unless you did whatever it is I did.
I have this one on my list. Maybe by 2011 I'll be ready for another WIP.