Monday, March 16, 2009

Nupps for Miralda

Only about 4 more rows have been added since the last picture, but this one is much more true to color.

I have to say that just prior to pinning it out on a sofa pillow for this photo op that I had little warmth in my heart for this Miralda.

Some relationships just take more work than others. Sometimes even a good relationship requires work at times. In the give-and-take with this one, I was feeling like I was doing all the giving.

Nupps are not difficult*, but I felt like they were getting completely lost in this yarn and were appearing more as blobs than nupps. They still may, but I was at least encouraged somewhat after I stretched the whole thing out a bit. Encouraged enough to continue.

But perhaps no more today. There are some other things to do and things best done while the light is natural and abundant.

*watch video of Nancy Bush knitting nupps here.


Mary said...

Very nice!

Sheri said...

Ooo, very pretty! I love it.