Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Quintessential Lady of Her Era

The May/June issue of "Piecework" magazine is out. It has been for weeks and I'm just now mentioning it. It is (naturally) a fabulous issue with a focus on LACE.

There is an article on a bobbin-lace coverlet purchased and owned by Marian Anderson and now in the collection of The Lace Museum in Sunnyvale, CA. 86" x 72". Wow! That is a lot of bobbin lace.

There is a lovely Queen's Lace Doily by Ava T. Coleman. Sheri finished knitting it before I even got around to reading about it.

Donna Druchunas has an article entitled "Who Was Dorothy Reade?" which is adapted from her recent book "Successful Lace Knitting".

Santa brought me that book for Christmas. He must have noticed there was a shawl designed by Evelyn A. Clark? [if you scroll through the images at that Amazon link, it is the lovely black triangle] Smart Santa.

In January I had to frog a lace shawl. Pattern was fine, but it just wasn't meant to be. In trying to select a new project, I chose one from this book. NOT the EAC, sadly.

I have worked on this off and on since then. Mostly OFF. That little tag has my note of the needle size. It gets hidden away that much! It is a chore. I think the finished item will be just fine. In fact, thinking that - and the fact that I have over a third done and have already ripped out a 75% done shawl!! - is all that is keeping me returning.

I'm using the same needle tips for the Mystery Shawlette. I hope to alternate working on it and this project and dedicatedly returning to this one in between clues. Eventually it has to be done. Right?

The one thing I've learned about Dorothy Reade is that she LOVED k1tbl. Knitting through the back loop must have been her favorite stitch. ALL yarnovers are ktbl on the next row. ALL. Actually her favorite was k2tbl. She was quite adamant that this was the only correct opposite of k2tog.

Donna describes her as the quintessential lady of her era saying "she wore gloves and silk stockings, always carried a hankie and a roll of butter rum Life Savers in her purse, and ran an orderly home."

So far all we have in common is a fondness for butter rum Life Savers.


Yesterukes said...

The description in your last paragraph could also describe my grandmother. I had forgotten about butter rum lifesavers. Now I want some.

Mary said...

Thanks for the reminder to buy Piecework! I keep forgetting. The shawl looks very nice.

Sheri said...

It could have also described my Grandmother. She's 95 (96 in August) and always uses a hankie. She liked chicklets gum, peppermint. I enjoyed reading that entire magazine. Still need to post pictures of the Queen's Lace Doily. Did once, with my cellphone, but they were all blurry.Love that color of your shawl.

trailbee said...

This is such a fabulous edition of PieceWork, I'm stunned. Have told my group at ravelry and even suggested that our yarn store carry some copies.