Tuesday, May 24, 2011

and the knitting is easy

I started to title this post "Summertime and the knitting is easy" and then I remembered that it isn't quite summer yet. Kind of hard to think of it as spring when it is already in the 90s. Whew.

I am really enjoying the Summer Mystery Shawlette so far. The tipping point for me in joining this knitalong was that this design is knit from the long bottom edge up to the top with each row getting a bit shorter than the one before.

Wish I could sit outside in a nice garden with a cool lemonade like Alice here. Don't you love this painting?

It is "Alice Ashley on a Green Seat" 1937 - oil by Donald Chisholm Towner and is the cover of the current Persephone Biannually.

Wherever you are, hope your knitting is easy and enjoyable.


Yesterukes said...

I'm printing out the pattern for the mystery shawl--but at the moment, I'd love something REALLY easy. By my standards!

And it certainly feels like summer today regardless of what the calendar says.

Sheri said...

I hate to be a party pooper but if this is spring, I'm ready for winter! 99 and humid is stifling. I have such a beautiful deck just waiting for me but it's just too hot, and with heat comes bugs. I DO NOT LIKE EITHER!
Loving my shawl though, thanks to your post.

Mary said...

I wish I could put myself into that painting! And you'd be sitting there, too!

trailbee said...

Did you go to Wendy's blog? I saw her Japanese Garden Shawl. Wow. I think that might be my next project.

minipurl said...

I'm with Mary...
We're in a "cool" spell today, soon to be replaced with the normal spring fare of 90's. Backyard swing, here I come!