Friday, May 13, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon Stole

Pattern: Lattice Lace Stole by Debbie O'Neill
19" x 66"

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select Lace
100% superwash merino
996 yds/100 gr. - not quite the full hank
color 29 Moody Blues

Needles: Size 3 KnitPicks Options circular (3.0 mm)

A FO at last. This one was a long time coming. Actually it was all finished by April 5, but my blocking wires were out on loan. They have been home for awhile, but I just couldn't get very motivated to block it. Too warm already to need it and, truthfully, I'm still seeing stripes.

The stripes aren't too bad and certainly not a deal-breaker. This will make me more cautious in the future when choosing yarn for a lace pattern. The pattern and the yarn were both pleasant to work and I think the very definite geometric nature of this lace patterning works with this colorway.

To repeat, I did not work two halves and graft at center as the pattern instructed. I knit following an idea from "Victorian Lace Today". The narrow lace at the ends is knit sideways. I bound off all but the last stitch and, leaving it on the needle, picked up across the top and began the wider border, worked all the way to the other end and then knit the narrow lace sideways attaching to live stitches as I inched across.

The K2tog I used to connect it created just a slight raised effect that is not at the other end, but to me that is less noticeable than a graft down the center. [It's the end of the right in this picture.] You can see the graft in the photo on Debbie's blog. To each his own, I suppose.

I stopped off this morning to make these photos and didn't manage to really capture the vividness of the deep blue. A Moody Blue. Perfect for Moody Me.


minipurl said...

Oh, oh, oh!!!!!!! It's gorgeous and it's blue!!! Love it.
Cheer up cause the sun's gonna come out.....eventually.
And there's always M&Ms in the meantime. ;0

trailbee said...

This looks really nice, and the blue color is gorgeous. I remembered you were working on this, and mentioned the omission of the center seam. I'm not so crazy about seams in shawls, the closest I have come, and shall again very soon, is the Triinu, which has those three 21 st. sections, and I'm not certain I might change that. I love the op for innovation, such as your knitted edges. Great idea.

Sheri said...

I didn't even notice the striping till I read it and looked. It's very pretty. Maybe I should see if I have any blue yarn, then I can be "Moody Me" too. It's already in the 90's and only May! That's enough to make anyone blue. What's it going to be like in August? In Alabama? Uh! But, your shawl is beautiful and your models are awesome!

Yesterukes said...

Love it! It's always cool inside somewhere. You'll find a place to wear it. I know I would!

Mary said...

That's a beautiful color! Lovely shawl.