Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Peace in the Park

Weather is cool today, but warm enough Monday to make knitting in the park on a lunch break still enjoyable.

I've made it through the middle and on the last end on the Deep Peace scarf; a very pleasant, peaceful knit.

I made a new bag to hold it. Another box bag, but this time using the directions here for the corner ends.

Not paying attention, I picked up fusible interfacing this time and I am not happy with the crinkle look I got as a result. I've since purchased some regular and won't be using this fusible again for this purpose.

In the interim, my inspiration, Norma (on Ravelry) has already finished her third!


Sheri said...

Great link! Thanks. I just spent an hour looking through all the different sewing sites. Such cute stuff. Must try the box bag one of these days, that's perfect for little projects. Thanks for sharing.

pamela w allen said...

lovely scarf...darling project bag!

Mimi said...

I just like saying "peace in the park." Makes me feel....peaceful.

minipurl said...

Love the bag. I'm trying to re-enter the world of sewing and that bag looks way cool.
And then, there;s that gorgeous shawl. Ahhhhh :)