Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tax Dollars

I've spent time today working on tax returns. Ugh. Never a job I enjoy.

I always tell people that the library is the best use of my tax dollars. I love the library.

One of my favorite things to do when I have a little time to myself, is go to the library just to browse and to quietly read magazines. I always sit and read FiberArts.

I know I could easily subscribe, but it wouldn't be the same experience. I like doing it this way.

One of the intriguing articles in the current Jan/Feb 2011 issue was on Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave who creates paper replicas of historical costume. [see several full costumes at the above link] The above picture is a piece of paper painted to look like brocade fabric, to be used in the construction of a Renaissance garment.

Costume of Eleanora of Toledo (1522-1562), inspired by a portrait (at left) by Bronzino in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence.

Her work is featured in a retrospective called "Pulp Fashion" at San Francisco's Palace of the Legion of Honor Feb. 5-June 5, 2011.


Sheri said...

What a beautiful dress! Imagine? Just once I'd love to put something like that on. Gorgeous.

Thanks for the "thumbs up" on my new blog style. It was fun fiddling with it. Still have a few things to do but it takes forever!

My favorite place to go to be ALL alone and read or knit is the beach. By myself, beach chair, umbrella (only in the south do you need one), good book or knitting and a cellphone and I'm as happy as can be. We all need somewhere.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the sunshine! Thank goodness it's only in the 50's!


Yesterukes said...

I love paper art. Art made of paper? Not sure what the term is but I mean projects like the one you've shared here. I like the paper sculptures in Real Simple. Happened up on an exhibit of elaborate pop-up books once in NYC. Amazing. I'm so glad there are artists in this world.

minipurl said...

You never cease to amaze, and educate, me.
I love libraries too.