Sunday, February 27, 2011

Serenity now

Happily knitting away on the EAC project, every stitch a joy.

When I succumbed to the call of this project, I grabbed yarn I had to hand which was a few balls of KnitPicks Palette purchased a few years back to knit an Estonian sheep with a colorwork body. It was a small sheep that took very little of the garnet and gray and not even very much of the cream.

I think I'll be able to finish out the chart I'm on, but will need to switch to another color soon. To my eye all of these choices are a bit dark to transition nicely into the next chart, but I really don't want to order more until I see how this yarn really blocks out for lace. I've seen lots of knitters use it on Ravelry so I have high hopes. Besides I know this is NOT my only time to knit this pattern.

When asked for his opinion, JP voted to go with the gray. I've got to decide fairly soon. Any thoughts from you?

[in trying to find a non-Ravelry link to a picture of this pattern, I happened to land on Evelyn's own Flickr set! Hers knitted in wonderful Icelandic laceweight. sigh]


Mary said...

Don't I know that Estonian sheep?!

I think it'll look good with a band of gray and edged with the garnet. Very dramatic!

Sheri said...

I'm a "red" person myself so I'd have to vote for garnet. Or, what Mary suggested sounds good too. Lace is beautiful, you can't pick the wrong color, I don't think.