Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fiber field trip

I have made it to Chart C, the main body of the stole. I'm enjoying the pattern and the yarn, but I do wish it was more tonal and didn't have those distinct stripes of dark. I'm hoping overall, when finished, that I won't focus on them as much. Kind of hard not to focus when it is right in front of your eyes!

A very warm day here making me think perhaps that pesky groundhog was correct. Everyone else seems to be more than ready for spring. I would be, too, if we'd have weeks and weeks of true cool spring instead of rushing right into heat.

I spent a couple of hours of this beautiful weather indoors. I went to the open house held by the Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild. Although they had demonstrations set up for many techniques, table loom weaving, floor loom weaving, spinning, knitting, bead embroidery, and others, I honed in on my target - card (or tablet) weaving.

It is one of those techniques that have been floating around in the back of my mind (the vast, empty warehouse) for a number of years. Last fall at SAFF, I almost bought a set of cards and the only thing that stopped me was the fear that I'd bring them home and they would sit unused. As you well know, there are only so many FREE hours in a day.

Woven bands are part of many folk costumes including the bunads of Norway. There are eleven pages of bands over at the digital Norsk Folkemuseum.

I have been enviously eyeing the wonderful woven bands over at Yarn Jungle. She does such beautiful work.


Yesterukes said...

Now this is a craft I am not familiar with. Glad you took a field trip so that I could learn something new!

And I'm hoping for a little more cold weather so that I can finish the hood for dear daughter while she can still wear it a couple of times. Think I might be too late, though. 70 degrees on Friday!

Jen said...

I had seen this once before and had since forgotten about it. Now it's at the forefront of my thinking. I may need to lay the knitting aside to give this a try!
And, Happy Valentines Day!