Saturday, February 5, 2011

A basket case

No doubt you've seen tutorials around to make these little fabric baskets. I first bookmarked this one but all the dimensions are metric. I know, I know. It wouldn't be that hard or time consuming to convert, but I've yet to embrace metric. Old dog, new tricks.

Instead I used this one. It is about 4" x 6" finished. A nice little size for small items. Except for hand stitching the lining opening, it is all done on the machine.

If you've got some red and white prints, it would be quick enough to make one for Valentine's Day. Just the right size for the pound bag of M&Ms.


Mary said...

Lovely! And now I have M&Ms on my mind!

Sheri said...

I love it! I should try making one just so I can get a bag of M&M's! I love these links. Now to just get with it.

YesterUkes said...

Cute project. And I love the bit of lace in the profile pic, too.

minipurl said...

M&Ms. Yummmm.

kaylace said...

This is just the cutest bag, such a clever girl. I should probably make something like this for the empty space in my Honda Element. It could be done. But do I want to add something to project list, that is a puzzle.
You did a wonderful job as usual....