Saturday, August 7, 2010

Keep on keeping on

I may be knitting a rat's nest.

I've been filled with doubts throughout this project. I don' t think this alpaca yarn is just the right match for this project. I have one more tier - 13,170 stitches if I calculated correctly - to go then I'm hoping the magic of blocking will help.

It's pictured here with string du jour. I went out today to look at beads but didn't find any that I liked for the edge so I'm going to do a regular non-beaded bind off. I did find Lizbeth thread on sale and bought this ball of lovely light leaf green. It is a match to the last ball I bought and can maybe stand in for the ball of black that has gone A.W.O.L.

Today while I walked I listened to another episode of The Knitting Pipeline. Very timely for me, Paula talked about perseverance. I've had to really persevere this HOT summer to keep walking. I've missed some days, but I've walked many days when I'd much rather have been inside out of the heat and humidity.

So I'll persevere with this Citron. Maybe it will be a happy surprise. Fingers crossed.

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Sheri said...

Uh, it's so hot down here I can't imagine walking, although I really, really want to, and need to. Our humidity is horrid.
You will love the Citron when it's finished. It is such a dainty scarf and yours will be pretty in that neutral color. Still haven't blocked mine.
Stay cool! Winter has to be here sometime soon!