Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A promise of Fall

Hot again today and tomorrow's forecast is for a bit hotter. But apparently fall is coming - at least to Colorado. Interweave KNITS, the fall issue, hit the newsstands yesterday. I finally made it by and bought mine today.

There are several great articles in this issue. Clara Parkes celebrates the 100th birthday of Elizabeth Zimmermann and Deborah Newton profiles knitting legend Barbara Walker.

I know! BOTH in the same issue. It kind of makes up for there being no Nancy Bush pattern.

I am at least reading garment patterns more closely now. I'm still not quite ready to try one, but this cover pattern by Angela Hahn really caught my eye. It also calls for the elusive (at least for me) Louet MerLin yarn, a blend of merino and linen. I so loved knitting with that yarn.


Mary said...

That cover sweater is pretty--you should go for it!

Sheri said...

Your citron is looking good!
I'm getting the "itch" to knit a sweater too, but dang they never fit. I always make them WAY too big. Guess I think I'm bigger than I am.............
Stay cool!