Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Perfect Neutral?

According to this website, gray is seen as long-lasting, classic, and often sleek and refined. I'm sure I could have just as easily listed the negative descriptions for gray, but let's try to put a positive spin on this this, shall we?

I had this hank of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Lace - 437 yards [color 402, I think]. I bought it some time ago. The ball band and receipt have wandered off, but I remembered buying it because it was only $8. One reason is as good as another, I suppose. Today while trying to come up with some use for it, I decided to try it out for Citron. Over 4000 have already been posted on Ravelry and most knitters reported it to be fast and give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Citron calls for 470 yards so I'm short already. But I'm not trying for a shawl size. I'm hoping, if it works out, to have a little something to wrap around the neck (as impossible as that is to contemplate during this severe heat wave!).

The beginning looks pretty bland, but is pictured here with a MIRACLE. A plant bought earlier in the year is blooming again! Most of my plants die shortly after arriving here and the ones that do manage to survive, immediately quit blooming.


Paula said...

I like to wear gray and wonder why I don't choose it that often to knit for myself. Perhaps because I have knit a lot of men's sweaters in neutral colors! I am looking forward to seeing how Citron develops. It has been in my queue for a long time.

Mary said...

Pretty, pretty--both the Citron and your flowers. (I should have read this before I wrote you. I see you want the Citron to remain small.)

Bonnie said...

It's hard to imagine wearing anything around the neck in this heat, but I think you won't regret making a Citron. It'll look stunning and classic in grey.

Sheri said...

I used 450 yards for my Citron and it was plenty. I love it, and I loved the yarn. Planning on another soon.
Your flowers look like lantana? I have one that's several different colors called "Miss Fluff."