Thursday, August 26, 2010

Estonian shawls

It's fair to say that my favorite and most used knitting book is Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush. I love all the patterns in it and it is easy enough to make slight modifications to the patterns to suit your yarn or design tastes.

The Ravelry group for this book has 1815 members (currently) and I love to look through all the projects. SUCH beautiful things being created and posted all the time over there.

In fact that's how I happened upon a blog and learned that August 23 was Haapsalu Shawl Day 2010. Can you imagine how fantastic that was?!

Do you have 4.28 minutes to watch a Haapsalu Shawl Waltz? OH, my! Such lovely work.

Or visit this blog and watch the not-too-long slideshow to see one knitter's beautiful, traditional Estonian shawls. As a bonus you get a glimpse of Haapsalu in the bargain.


Sheri said...

I just love your ideas for blogging! I started the 1/2 Camping shawl from EZ's group because 8-9-10 is not only her 100th birthday, it was our 35th Wedding Anniversary. And of course, we love camping. :o) Couldn't resist.

minipurl said...

What a beautiful post.
Absolutely beautiful. Thanks :)