Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blue Lagoon

Have had a lovely, relaxed day here on the cul-de-sac. A bit of knitting and a bit of embroidery.

The knitting was giving me fits yesterday. I've knit this very same pattern in this very same yarn before, and without troubles. I somehow wandered off the pattern while trying to chat with a friend and help her with a bit of her knitting.

Back at home, trying to tink back, I dropped a few stitches. Most annoying. I caught the two runaways with a stitch marker and last night tinked back (about 4 rows I think) until I got the train back on the track.

That is just the kind of thing that can get me thinking of a new project. New projects always seem so much more cooperative, don't they?!

It's been far too long around here since there has been a Evelyn A. Clark pattern on the needles.

Since I had the afternoon free to play, I decided to dye some yarn.

I used a 440/yd hank of KnitPicks Bare fingering weight ordered long, long ago and 3 packages of Kool-Aid Berry Blast. I'm calling it Blue Lagoon

I'm not yet sure what pattern I'll use. I do have to wait for the yarn to DRY after all. (taps foot impatiently)

There are a few light spots in the hank but I'm pretending that they will just add to the character of the yarn - and at this point in the planning, I also think I might look for some irregular beads to add to the final row.

The final row! There I go getting ahead of myself again.


minipurl said...

You dye yarn!!!! I am continually impressed. :)

Sheri said...

Me too! I love that color. I bought some Bare a long time ago but just haven't worked up the nerve yet. Can't wait to see what that gorgeous color looks like when you make something.

I think I've lost my knitting "mojo." Everything is either boring, yarns wrong or I just don't feel like doing something that I know will take weeks. Guess I need a rest.

Enjoy whatever crafty thing you're doing this week.


YesterUkes said...

Talking and knitting...and I DO like to talk...are not always good for me. Fortunately, I'm a proficient "tinker."

And I always wondered what one did with blue Kool-Aid. Surely you aren't supposed to drink it!