Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Royal Society

If you could see my stitching room, you'd know it is not fit for Royal Society.

I am trying to decide on my next knitting project. I seem to be having a hard time doing so. I think I know what I want to start and then I change my mind. In the meantime there are knitting pattern books scattered all around me.

While my mind ponders, it is easy enough to work up another little tatted heart. This one is a variation of the one made last Monday, but in a finer thread - size 70 vs. size 30 for the other.

I love the color. I'm not sure how this little ball of Royal Society tatting thread came to me, but I'm feel certain it was through some friend in the lace group.


Sheri said...

Oh my, that's beautiful AND so tiny! I do love those colors. I watched the video on YouTube. Can't wait to try it.

minipurl said...

So pretty. :)

kaylace said...

Hey Miss Sonja...
Have enjoyed catching up with your life. Really like the history that you are putting into your ABC of the square.

You mentioned the antique shops on the square, I see that there is another one across the street from your office up at the end of the block. I must go visit with it is less cold and windy.

You sure do wonderful work. The tatted hearts are fantastic. I've seen balls of that old dark variegated tatting thread, wonder where though. Sure works up beautifully.

Love the ET bonnet :)
I've knitted a few cone head bonnets before, the folks at the preemie nursery were nice enough to tell me that they had cone head babies to fit them. So I am sure there is an ET for yours as well...

Keep up the inspiring work

Mary said...

Queen Sonja, that heart is just so lovely!