Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Knitting

The day after Thanksgiving and I'm not out shopping and not intending to shop. Instead, I enjoyed sitting comfortably in my pjs reading through the blogs and seeing how others spent their Thanksgiving. It is a bountiful world out there in blogland and we are all most fortunate. I realize that not everyone was blessed with such warmth, abundance, and goodwill.

I'm thankful, too, for the relaxation and pleasure that learning to knit has brought me and the fun friends that blogging has introduced.

I knew there would be some sitting-around time after the big meal yesterday and I went prepared with a ball of cheap kitchen cotton and made myself two new holiday dishcloths.

I started with the old standby, Grandmother's Favorite, which is absolutely brainless and can be knitted in company and in between bites of pie even without fear of losing your place or getting off pattern.

Later in the day I turned to the Horizontal Dash and liked how the colors played out and how the purled dashes added some texture.

I may have still been on a pie buzz, but I think there are some errors in the Horizontal Dash pattern. I like my dishcloths on the small side. The pattern says to CO 42 or multiples of 10 plus 6. Thanks to the sugar rush, I didn't even realize that 42 is not a multiple of 10 plus 6! I started with 36 and when the main rows 1 and 5 didn't work out, I naturally assumed user error and returned several times to my computer screen to check and see if I jotted it down correctly.
In the end I just went with something that worked out for me. If you try this one, you may want to stick with 42 for the cast on OR correct it to be multiples of 10 plus TWO.


minipurl said...

Yep. I'm really thankful for blog buddies like you and Mary.
What a great day you had....pies AND knitting. Curious minds want to know: what kind of pies???????

Mary said...

I'm with Jeannie--more about the pies, please!