Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Turkey day!

No, not Thanksgiving yet although it won't be long. I'm talking about the country Turkey.

I was delighted to see that Susette at Knitting Letters: A to Z blog has a new post up and it is a lengthy and very interesting look at Turkish textiles.

She has a lovely picture of oya - the intricate needlelace edgings.

I first learned and read about oya in "Piecework" magazine (of course!). It appears that both the Jul/Aug 1996 and the Jan/Feb 2006 issues are sold out, but both contained fascinating articles on this beautiful lace. The above linen square with oya flowers arrived here thanks to Mary. I enjoy it so much and never fail to marvel at the beauty of this delicate handwork.

If you're signed up with Ravelry , there is an Oya Makers group here with only a few examples but with some more information in the discussion threads. Flickr account pictures related to the Knitted Letters article are here and more great pictures/examples here.

Isn't it a lovely technique?


Mary said...

And little did I know what I was sending you at the time! Thanks so much for the lace education.

minipurl said...