Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I love Lucy

The Lucy Bag that is. This is one well marinated project.

Pattern via my friend, Pat, was sent in 2005. I finished the knitting last summer and it sat around unfelted for a long time because who needs another visit with the washer?

It was clearly written and fun to knit. You start with Emily Ocker's circular beginning and 8 stitches and increase circularly for the base and then on up the sides.

I knit the small size and used two balls of Patons Classic Wool in Jade Heather. I've always found Patons to felt smoothly, easily, and predictably.

For the accessory, I found a fun fish at Joann's.

Right now I just have it sewn on for decoration, but I may change it and use it as a toggle button with a twisted cord loop to pull the two sides closed. But I'll carry it like it is for awhile before deciding.

This was really a fun felted bag. Thanks, Pat!