Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feather & Fan

The Victorian Feather & Fan scarf got finished sometime back (10/17 according to my notes), and was recently mailed off with birthday wishes. I am only now getting around to finally posting a picture.

To recap, I used the easy and free pattern posted here and two 25-gram balls of Elann Peruvian Baby Cashmere bought long, long ago.

The softness of the yarn, the lovely Victorian Violet color, and the soothing repetition of this classic old lace pattern made this a wonderfully pleasing project.

Knitted end-to-end, the Old Shale pattern results in two ends that scallop differently. I wasn't bothered by that for this project, but some other time I may try knitting two halves and grafting them at the center back.

According to Martha Waterman in "Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls", the Old Shale pattern is the most common used in Shetland hap shawls and shale patterns are named for the way the waves look as they wash upon a shale shoreline


minipurl said...

Such a pretty scarf. Love your info on the Old Shale pattern...anything that reminds me of the waves and the beach is right up there with M&Ms and licorice ice cream. :)

Mary said...

Very pretty! Perfect yarn and color for the pattern.

Sheri said...

Hello! Love your scarf and the shawl pin. I've been enjoying just simple, plain knits this season for some reason. Mostly garter. Still need to get some pictures on here. Love all your pretty knits.