Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun Felting

PJ Bear (official naming will come later) was felted today.

Knitters speak of the magic of blocking lace but I gotta say that felting is more magical for me. At least with lace you have some beauty before blocking. The loosey-goosey garter stitch of the pre-felted object is not very lovely.

Naturally I was so anxious to toss him in hot water that I forgot his pre-felt photo op but you can get some idea here.

This is my second baby bear from the Fiber Trends pattern (201x) and it is such a fun project.

Several years ago I saw one on the Whimsy blog. She mentioned that she had tied the arms toward the front while it dried and she then gifted hers holding a baby spoon. Awww. That explains why I have my little fellow restrained!

and, once again, my Christmas cactus and I are much alike: we are both Late Bloomers!


Mary said...

Little bear is so cute!

Sheri said...

Too cute! And I LOVES your Christmas Cactus. I have a late bloomer too, but the other 3 were right on time.
Sheri in COLD, COLD GA