Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another day; another book

Seems all I do is whine about the weather. Was I always so dull? But honestly, day after day of such high temps is wearing.

Luckily I have been able to stay inside with a/c a good bit and spend some pleasurable time with my silk stocking. Nancy Bush is delighting me with this pattern. The Regia Silk yarn is so very soft. I think these will feel quite nice (even if I am having difficulty imagining ever being able to stand socks).

[click on picture to enlarge and see the details of Ellen's Stocking]

Did I mention something last week about Book Reports? I'm afraid my initial excitement was too strong. Only two of the four books really pleased me. I didn't find anything tempting in Knitting Loves Crochet and I absolutely hated The Knitting Circle. I read far more of it than I should have since it was the only fiction I had, but finally tossed it across the room in disgust.

Debbie Bliss' Simply Baby was very nice, especially as it had the pattern for the beautiful cabled blanket I've seen. I'd really like to knit that one day.

My favorite turned out to be Georgia Quilts. I've been wondering about this book for years; since 1996 in fact. That year Atlanta hosted the summer Olympics. A little smocking group I was in made a quilt for the Olympics which went to Guam. I knew the Georgia Quilt Project had been documenting quilts throughout Georgia and finally they have published the book. Mother currently has it, but I look forward to renewing it and reading all the history of quilts in Georgia.

Loyal reader and sole commenter, Mary, visited Tender Buttons yesterday. I get to visit lots of places and see lots of NYC sites thanks to Mary's blog and e-mails. It had been awhile since I had poured over the amazing buttons in the book by the Tender Buttons owners, so I picked it up from the library yesterday. Oh! What lovely little gems.

"Books are digested, but never consumed." Francis Bacon

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