Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I give all credit to the internet and knit bloggers for my current knitting fascination. I had tried to learn to knit several times over the years, but never seemed to 'get' it.

Finally, several years ago, an older friend of mine managed to get me started. This time I was a bit more determined. And this time I had the internet at my fingertips as well.

I particularly wanted to knit socks. A LYS suggested the Ann Norling Adult Socks pattern as a good one for beginners. I fully agree. It has step-by-step directions with number of stitches and is written for different yarn weights. Now I might could figure some of this out for myself (emphasis on might). Back then it was all foreign to me. My well-thumbed pattern has a notation of 12/30/03 as the date I purchased it. The page protector also keeps my enlarged copy of some kitchener stitch directions from an IW Knits magazine.

But before I embarked on the sock, I read and re-read the Socks 101 tutorial. What a great resource! Terri Lee Royea has terrific pictures. This gave me the confidence to try. Seeing the heel turn made reading how to do it easier to understand.

Knit bloggers were the greatest inspiration, however. Reading about their projects, and especially reading about their mistakes, was such an encouragement. Wow, I thought. These great knitters make mistakes? The Yarn Harlot knits two mittens for the same hand? They made mistakes and they ripped out. Sometimes they threw the project in the corner in disgust for awhile. This all made perfect sense to me. I might be alone with my knitting, but I wasn't alone.

Sure I may be wasting loads of time surfing around the knit blogs and reading all my Favorites (that list is sooo long!), but I prefer to think of it as research. Thanks bloggers. I owe you.

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Mary said...

It's amazing how new technology has enhanced such an old low-tech craft.