Friday, August 10, 2007

Library Jackpot

It's been a long summer here. It still IS a long summer since temps today are 104 or so. Whew. (pause to wipe forehead and whine)

I love my libraries - Central and the branches - and visit often. Luckily Central is very near work so I can pop in at lunch for a quickie.

They've been renovating 'my' library all summer. It will be very nice when they're finished, and the new circulation desks are looking great already, but meanwhile finding something can be a challenge. In fact today I discovered they had moved 'my' books (746s - Textile Arts). Well, they hadn't quite finished moving them so some were here and some were there. I found them and made sure they were all safe and sound.

Before checking on them, however, I visited The Browser and hit the Jackpot:

Book Reports later. Time to brew the coffee (yes, I drink hot coffee in HOT weather), prop my feet up, and point the fan in my direction. (yes, the a/c is on, but the fan helps)
The Knitting Circle
Debbie Bliss Simply Baby,
Georgia Quilts
Knitting Loves Crochet

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