Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Feel Bad About My Heel

Nora Ephron may feel bad about her neck, but I'm feeling bad about my heel.

Determined to try something a little different on this sock (and not knit my standard heel flap/toe combination), but still knit a fairly basic not-too-much-thinking-required sock, I chose the Oak Ribbed Sock from Nancy Bush's ,Knitting Vintage Socks. The Lumberjack striping obscures the nice irregular rib. I really like the rib in this pattern and think I'll try again in a non-patterning yarn.

The heel? Not so much. It's worked over 33 of the 63 stitches and is very wide and boxy. And even though 64 stitches is 'my' number (although these aren't for me), it is a very loose heel on my foot.

I also don't care for the purl stitch that runs up the center back of the heel flap, even though the pattern lines it up nicely with the rib above.

The bad thing about knitting things in pairs is that you need to repeat something you'd rather change in the second one.

Still, I learned something. I just hope it won't make me wary of trying something else new next time.

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