Sunday, July 24, 2011


The weekend sock dog is complete. Parts have been sewn on (it wasn't too bad) and the bit of facial embroidery finished. One of those eyes could use a touch up but I will probably leave it as it is. Unless it just really gets to bothering me later.

All in all a fun little pattern. Only fiddly because I opted to knit it in fine sock yarn using two yarns.

All appendages are knit exactly the same: cast on 8 stitches, increase to 16 by knitting in front of back of all stitches on the first round, and knit upward. Body commences at the top of the legs from live stitches. Arm and ears (not stuffed) are bound off and sewn on. Back of head is knit like a sock heel flap. Poor thing has no tail.

I might knit this or another of the Lion Brand free critter patterns again, but in a heavier yarn. It would be easy enough to have one "wear" a sweater, maybe even a holiday one. Something to remember (although what are the chances of that??).

Hope you've had fun this weekend.


Yesterukes said...

Think I know a little cutie who needs one of these! Looks like a quiet toy for church.

Mary said...

Cute! I like how you used two different yarns. It looks like the pup is wearing a snuggly (warm) onesie.

Sheri said...


minipurl said...

I love him!!!