Monday, July 11, 2011


It always amazes me how much faster the cutting and needle weaving portion of a project goes. I'm sure it is because that, for me, is the most enjoyable part so I keep at it for longer stretches of time. Also, there is no counting at this point, so no delays double-checking to make sure everything lines up and is in place.

Two sides have been completed, one (at top of photo) has the threads withdrawn and is ready for weaving, and the last is still uncut.
A good project = indoors + a/c + low-temp lighting.

I'm going to return to work on it now and while I do I think I'll listen to a podcast. I recently found iMake produced by a Guernsey girl with infectious enthusiasm.


Mimi said...

I'm going to be forced to buy an iPod if I keep reading about all the good podcasts you listen to.

But at the moment I'm working to the sounds of "Miss Sunny's Spider Patch" and such. Sad part is, I kind of enjoy those shows!

Love your project.

Anonymous said...

Hello - thank you so much for mentioning iMake on your blog. I am really pleased you like the podcast :-)

I am just about to have a mooch around your blog, it looks fab!

Thanks again


Sheri said...

That is beautiful! No clue how you do that, but I love it.
If I ever get my house back to myself, I'll have to check out the new podcast. Great links you give out. Keep cool!