Friday, June 24, 2011

When will I ever learn?

The Brea Bag is finally finished. I wouldn't call it a success. This is not Norah's fault. Two things might help it a bit. A lining would certainly give it a bit more structure, but at this point I just cannot be bothered. Knitting it a bit tighter gauge might have helped, too.

To recap, I reused Red Heart Eco-Cotton Blend and size 6 bamboo needles, making this really a recycled bag since the yarn, made from remnants from t-shirt manufacturing, had already been knit and frogged from an earlier bag fail.

This took less than 2 balls. Since I originally bought 3 balls, I now still have a ball in search of a project. Not sure what it will become eventually but I do know that it will not have moss stitch! I flubbed and unknit and reknit that moss stitch gusset too many times. I never did figure out how to tell where I was even when I marked one side with a marker! Perhaps I should knit a dunce cap with that 3rd skein!

The shape and cable work is pure genius. Well naturally, it's Norah Gaughan!


Mimi said...

Looks great to me!

Sheri said...

Looks good to me too.