Monday, June 13, 2011

Det er varmt.

According to Norwegian Lesson #5 - Phrases about the weather - this means "It is warm (hot)."

Well, det er varmt for sure still around here!

My just-started sock is coming along nicely, but in keeping with my can't-seem-to-stick-to-anything-very-long phase, I've returned for a bit to the Brea Bag. I was hoping that I was almost done with the Moss Stitch gusset, but you can see I've still got a bit to go.

I decided to start attaching it to one side in order to better judge how much more to do. I sure don't want to knit too much and have to frog back.


Sheri said...

Love the bag. HOT? Today it was 103 when I left home, according to Ruby/my car and my bank. On the way home Ruby said 110. And where's the rain we were promised? It's not at this end. Keep cool my friend, fall is coming.

Yesterukes said...

Yep. Still hot here. Guess we could move north.

But wait...I know lots of people who movee this way to get away from the cold. I don't think I've ever know anyone who has moved north to get away from the heat.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, det er varmt - lol.

Love your bag!