Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy (hot) Day

A picture is worth a thousand words - in this case all of them good (even though it is 90+ degrees still).

Luckily M&Ms are famous for melting in your mouth; not in your hand! If you are at all worried, just pour directly into your mouth from the bag.

Inside this "Piecework".


Mimi said...

Just got red, white & blue M&Ms for the 4th! With the name of our lake printed on them. And heard that it will be 99 on Monday. They may melt in the bag. Maybe I'll pass out frozen M&Ms.

Hope we all outlast the heat!

Mary said...

A new Piecework, a finished sock and a bag of M&Ms--looks like a terrific weekend ahead!

Sheri said...

Sounds like a fun weekend at your house! Have you tried the new Hershey Drops? I can't eat milk chocolate but have gotten used to eating Dark and found the new Hershey Drops. Almost as good as M&M's.
Happy 4th of July (Libby's 8 this year, Alex 23! Time flies)