Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yet another bonnet

I finished up the Evelyn A. Clark baby bonnet over the weekend. Once I got it blocked and dry I decided I did like it enough to consider gifting it, but it is far from my favorite.


Pattern: Tiny Treasures; Baby Bonnet and Booties (sans booties obviously)
an absolutely PERFECT pattern

Yarn: Fortissima Piccolino by Schoeller +Stahl
50% Merino Superwash Wool - 25% Nylon - 25% Rayon (Bamboo) • 109 yards per 25 gram ball • color 07

Needles: Size 2 Clover bamboo straights (love 'em)

All reservations about this FO are due entirely to the yarn. This yarn comes in a small, 25 gram ball and normally retails at the yarn shop where I got it for $6.00. Luckily I visited on a sale day and got it 25% off. I found the yarn very splitty and it lost all body when I soaked it to block. I let it dry a good bit and then tossed it into the dryer. That seemed to help and I was a bit more pleased when I retrieved it. This may be a characteristic of superwash yarns. Certainly ease of care is desireable in baby knits, but I will not be knitting with this again.

But I will, most definitely, make this pattern again. This pattern was the only reason I kept making stitch after stitch with this yarn. Besides having a sweet little lacy edge to start off with, it has short-row shaping at the back of the head which is just plain FUN to knit. It finishes up with an attached i-cord ties.

The pattern is in the Vogue On-The-Go! series book, Baby Knits Two. There is really little else in that book that appeals to me. As usual, I bought it only because it contained an EAC pattern.

In case you haven't noticed, I love EAC.


Mary said...

Very sweet bonnet!

Sheri said...

Yes, I know how much you like EAC! She is pretty awesome with her lace patterns. That baby bonnet is adorable, and my favorite color! I'm not sure if I've ever knit with a yarn that I didn't like. Must think about that one.
Happy "No Humidity Wednesday!"

YesterUkes said...

Sweet, sweet bonnet. Maybe I'll try my hand at one before baby girl is too big for it.

Paula said...

Lovely little bonnet! I think another pattern will be added to my queue.